Figuring it Out: Four Tips for Feather Flags

You’re opening a new business and you want to let the community know, maybe you’re trying to figure out how to get more foot traffic in your store – very different end goals, exact same solution: feather flags. 

Figuring it Out: Four tips for Feather Flags

Custom printed feather flags speak volumes. They can be easily seen from busy highways and streets and can be brought inside for indoor events. In the promotional products world you might have heard them called flutter flags or blade flags – at Custom Color we call them feather flags. Whatever you choose to call them, these tall message flags are phenomenal.

Each flag is printed on a special lightweight material and goes through our dye sublimation process. Ink is printed directly onto the fabric substrate and then heat is applied to set the color. This process reduces fade time and maximizes the color life of the final product. After the fabric is printed, a pole sleeve is sewn on by one of our master finishers.

Printing requirements for these flags differ from print provider to print provider – it can become difficult to keep up with demands. Here are four tips, from setup to the finished product that will help businesses get their feather flags on their feet.


Choosing hardware is the first step in making your feather flags happen. We stock eight, twelve and fifteen foot flag hardware. Knowing which size of flag you need with be vital for the rest of the printing process.

You’ll also want to let your Happiness Hero on some of the final details of the flags. This will allow them to help you choose your hardware. All flags come standard with an outdoor pole stake that securely holds the flag in grass or dirt. Customers also have the option to purchase an indoor base with a water weight for concrete or indoor displaying.


Before beginning your flag design, make sure that you are set up for success. Ask your Happiness Hero or Account Executive for a design template. Our templates are specially intended to assist designers in setting up their file. Other setup instructions to consider can be found in our art tips guide.


Businesses have so much to say and such a little area to say it in – because of their size and shape, flags often pose as a challenge for designers. We like to remind designers to be cautious of the pole pocket – even though it is a designable aspect of the flag, it should not contain an image or words.

Brett’s letter visibility chart reminds us that too much information might be difficult to see from further distances. Think about any acronyms that you want to put on the flag and make sure that they are culturally appropriate – inappropriate acronyms are pretty embarrassing for us to point out.

Bold and big are my final words for design. If you’re looking to make a bold business statement, make sure that your text and words are striking, vivid and bright.


We love sharing our printing proficiency with our customers. Regardless of the question, we can help. Understanding which line designates cutting and which line is bleed is important – we are more than happy to explain the difference to you.

Brightening your business and attracting customers is your goal. It’s ours too – let’s talk about doing so with feather flags.

Jason Milbourne is the Vice President at Custom Color Corp. A designer, pre-press connoisseur, and Royals fanatic by day and a fantasy baseball pro and taco and craft beer arbitrator by night, Jason loves all things fun and crazy….just like his hair. Connect with him on LinkedIn, but don’t follow him on Instagram, because he won’t follow back.