Our 2017 Resolutions: Bettering Print

It’s no secret that with every New Year comes a slew of resolutions that people create out of desire to better themselves. Data has shown that approximately 40% of Americans set well-intentioned, self-improving goals for their next trip around the sun.

At Custom Color, our team is no different. While many of our Color Crew has their own personal resolutions, many of them have printing promises that they’re looking to keep in 2017.

Here’s what we found by polling some of our staff:

“More print, of course. I’m also hoping to use my research and development experience to help clients succeed further and smarter in their marketing campaigns.” – Brett, CFO, Research and Development Dude

“In 2017, we’re going to improve and advance our capabilities of Switch and PitStop software. We will continue to incorporate that knowledge into our Prepress Process. Oh, also to finish our lobby and showroom redesign.” – Jason Milbourne, Vice President and Prepress Prodigy

“I’m ready to bring on three new program accounts and expand the programs within my existing accounts.” –Bridget Suarez, Account Executive

“I will create new Point of Sale avenues to help solve client’s retail problems. Not only that, I want to do it efficiently and cost effectively.” – Joel Seidelman, Account Executive

“My goal is to help customers and prospects meet their business’ needs through a multitude of high-quality services and state-of-the-art products that come together seamlessly to effectively build brands.” – Ken Uridge, Account Executive

“I’m excited to bring in and test new materials. Adding substrates to our offering line up allows us to meet and exceed our customer base’s wide variety of needs and demands.” – Josh VanMeter, Purchasing Manager

“With a new year comes a new wave of industry and company content. For me, the upcoming year is another opportunity to create, find and distribute some of the most creative and cutting-edge blogs and social media posts in the industry.” – Hannah White, Marketing Specialist

“My 2017 printing resolution is to learn new skills.” – Jena Garr, Prepress

“2017 gives me the opportunity to expand our Digital Storefront software to more companies!” – Andrea Tucker, Prepress

“My resolution is to continue to improve our prepress workflow.” – Oscar Pedroza, Prepress

“It is my goal every year to have less than 1% on my missing and damaged reports.” – Amanda Nelson, Happiness Hero (Side note: This is a goal that she has crushed for the last seven years.)

Kim Podolski, Happiness Hero, vows to “control the chaos” in 2017.

Rick Holzrichter perfectly wrapped up the more serious resolutions by saying he wants to “contribute to company success” in his year as a Happiness Hero.

Other resolutions offered up by our Happiness Heroes were a bit more lighthearted. Mark Oliver began the trend of 'punny' answers by saying his resolution is “to not be pixelated.” We think that was a subtle reminder to remember 150 DPI and other printing policies. Corrie Gardner will continue to “ink positively” while Lisa Castillo will “print healthier and drink more ink.”

It’s exciting to bring in the New Year with a fantastic crew who brings their very best to the table. In 2017, Custom Color will print better for our clients while bettering the print industry.

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