Picking a Print Solutions Provider: The Three C's

If you haven't noticed, we reference our Custom Color dictionary often – we like to think that we’re continuously redefining old print production and ink industry terms. A few weeks ago, in our Printing Predictions blog, we differentiated print services provider from print solutions provider. 

To refresh your memory, a print solutions provider, defined by our Custom Color dictionary, is a printing company that possesses tools capable of holistic print services to solve client’s questions or problems.

If you're not employing large format to increase your brand awareness and boost your overall revenue, you might be wondering why you need large format printing. If you’re currently working with a print services provider, you might be thinking, “a print solutions provider sounds awesome – how do I score one of those?” They are awesome, and the answer lies in the “Three C’s.”


Companies, regardless of their industry, want customized print products. We live in a world where consumers are constantly bombarded by distractions – every brand wants theirs to stand out among the others. Hanging cardstock in your retail store windows isn’t going to provide the uniqueness that customers crave or the exposure that brands need. Displaying innovative large format printing helps brands emerge from in sea of sales.

Working with a large format printing company that prides themselves on customization is the first step. At Custom Color, our clients determine what their final product will look like – our customers obviously choose the substrate and the size, but they are also afforded many options for finishing and display systems. Our customers can also work with our Research & Development guru to determine their next greatest point-of-purchase display or branding effort. Inking outside of the box is our tagline.


Custom Color Happiness Heroes.jpg

Some print seekers can be overwhelmed by the customization options that print providers offer.  Choosing between 25 different lamination and finishing options, white ink and fixtures is enough to perplex non-print pros.

Print solutions providers will always have a robust printing posse – at Custom Color, we have our Happiness Heroes a.k.a. our Account Managers. Instead of playing a guessing game, our customers collaborate with one of our eight print ninjas. These printing pros have over 130 years of combined experience in the printing industry – they will always pose the most efficient solutions to any printing problem that may arise. We can even guarantee that they’ll make sure you’re smiling all the way; they are Happiness Heroes after all.


When talking to prospective clients, we find that they are looking for a holistic service – they want to print floor graphics, fleet graphics and fabric all in one place. We are able to provide that. While “one-stop-shop” is so cliché, that is truly the most accurate description of how we operate – we can print on almost anything and everything imaginable.

Furthermore, we are able to meet high quantity numbers and customer specified turn around times because of our capacity. We boast an arsenal of large format printing equipment, which includes: 2 UV Flatbeds, 4 Latex Roll Presses, and 4 Fabric Dye Sublimation Presses. This combination of equipment, along with automated cutting and finishing, make it possible for us to service larger retail clients in their national rollouts.


Customization and collaboration ensures that the print is perfect for the customer; capacity ensures that we can execute each and every project to supreme standards while continuously exceeding client’s expectations. It’s not at all coincidental that there are three other C’s that designate the right printing solutions provider: Custom Color Corp.

Matt Keith is the CEO at Custom Color Corp, also known as the captain of the printing process from idea conception to kitting and shipping. He doesn't enjoy talking about himself in third person, but he is a big fan of Motocross Racing. Connect with him on LinkedIn.