SEG Systems: An Introduction

In the business of printing, it is literally impossible to be the expert at every single offering. Printing is pervasive – from substrates to equipment to fixtures – being a master at everything is unheard of.

Despite the improbability of retaining such massive amounts of information, customers expect expertise. The secret to exceeding customer’s expectations is not to learn everything on your own, but rather to form partnerships with other experts.

Enter SEG Systems. Amazing fabric graphics need equally amazing hardware, fixtures, frames and displays. Through high-end technology and a vision for the future of the display industry, SEG Systems remains a leader in display frame manufacturing.

Our partnership with SEG Systems ensures that we offer our customers the best in fabric printing and hardware displays. Since partnering with SEG Systems in July of 2014, the success rate of our fabric display solutions has dramatically increased. Perhaps our successful partnership is due to the copious amount of brainstorming that we do when we’re together; however, it’s more likely because we support each other’s businesses like it’s our own.

What makes a great partnership? Some would say that communication or attentive listening is among the pillars to success. Others might believe that shared interests are key. I’m going to say it’s probably all of the above.

Our relationship with SEG Systems is one of communication and listening. Even after three years of collaboration, we still communicate frequently to ensure we’re on the same page. Our shared interest is simple: to forge ahead the fabric display industry while manufacturing the most innovative, imaginative and impactful display solutions. We’re in the business of growing our client’s businesses - we choose to do that through fabric printing and with SEG Systems by our side.

Innovation and the embrace of change and technology is another indicator of a solid partner. Their offerings go beyond their 35 stocked extrusion profiles and aluminum frames. SEG System’s expert engineers and master production team have grown their repertoire to include wood, acrylic and steel. Customers can also choose from 11 types of lighting technologies for backlit graphics.  To step it up a notch, 3D elements such as TV mounts, brackets, shelves, acrylic vitrines and dimensional letters can be added.

For our customers, one of the greatest aspects of our partnership with SEG Systems is the simple and seamless ordering process. Instead of communicating with two different companies, all communication is facilitated between us. Our Account Managers focus on the every detail so customers can focus on other things, like graphic rollouts and revenue expansion.

They say that all good things come in pairs – that’s exactly what you’ll get when you work with us. Together we’re advancing displays with state-of-the art technology while assisting our customers in growing their businesses.

If you’re ready for an all encompassing display solutions company, contact us today.

Matt Keith is the CEO at Custom Color Corp, also known as the captain of the printing process from idea conception to kitting and shipping. He doesn’t enjoy talking about himself in third person, but he is a big fan of Motocross Racing. Connect with him on LinkedIn.