Flooring Fixation: Graphic Flooring

As a society, we’re obsessed with technology – that’s no secret. It’s a rare occurrence that a passerby you meet looks at you in the eye because they are consumed by whatever device they’re holding. In fact, people are so absorbed with their handheld devices, that Germany put traffic lights in the ground for phone gazers.  I can’t make these things up. 

While I think the lights are cool, I’m not advocating for you to take on such an expensive project. But think about the concept, people are looking down at the ground. Wouldn’t it only make sense to market in the direction that consumers are gazing?

One of my favorite products that we print is G-Floor. G-Floor is commercial grade vinyl flooring that can be customized with a little help from large format printing. Gone are the days where retailers have to settle for floor graphics, because now we have graphic flooring. 

G-Floor was originally created for garages - it is incredibly durable, even in high traffic areas. The graphic is mirrored and printed on the reverse side of the vinyl – this means that it’s impossible to scratch or damage the printed graphic because there is 2 millimeters of PVC (that's .075 inches) that protects the ink. We stock G-Floor in ten-foot wide wood grain, ceramic, coin, and diamond texture rolls.  A majority of our projects are printed on clear flooring; however, we have white, black and grey G-Flooring readily available for printing projcts.

Prior to G-Floor becoming a commodity for large format printers, it went through an extensive research and development phase with yours truly. At Custom Color, we did all of the print and durability testing with the flooring. We have had this product rolling through our printers for a long time – because we conducted the research and development, we have more experience with the substrate than any other large format printer in the world. 

It’s not just the material that is a big deal – it’s the printing process, which we’ve perfected. G-Floor is printed on our LED flatbed. This machine has white ink capabilities, so designers have the option to flood the design with white if desired. Traditional presses put off high heat, which causes the product to stretch – because our inks are dried with an LED light, there is no stretching that occurs, which means a better registration with tile flooring.  

This unique flooring substrate has been the center of some of our coolest projects. 

Did you know that sports shows like Inside the NFL rent out spaces for one day to record their segments in? These spaces are constructed to look like the sets that you see on television and are then taken down and transported to their next set location. Prior to using g-floor, networks would lay temporary hardwood floors just to remove them hours later. Now we print wood pattern on wood grain g-floor - they roll out, record, roll back up and roll on to their next city. We’ve worked with CBS, ESPN, NCAA and the MLB on projects like weekly segments, the NCAA Final 4 and the Super Bowl to make their set-up simpler with the use of this substrate. 

We recently printed a G-Floor walkway for Bass Pro Shops’ Museum in Springfield, Missouri. The floor in their arctic exhibit was originally painted white, and while that looked nice, it didn’t convey the entire arctic experience that Bass Pro Shops wanted guests to have. The new floor design mimics what one would see if they were standing on icy waters in the North Pole.

As we speak, another important roll of G-Floor is coming off of the press. We were contacted to create the flooring for the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards. We caught wind that Rihanna will be performing on our flooring! It really can’t get much cooler than that.

Our G-Floor can also be found in Universities, retail stores, restaurants and other museums.  G-Floor can also be cut down smaller and used as entrance mats to businesses and other organizations – when companies order these mats, we use a non-skid backing to prevent the mat from sliding. We’re currently working with many different stores like Carter’s and Academy Sports to create shoe-sizing mats from G-Floor to place in the footwear areas of their stores. 

If you’re interested in G-Floor for your organization, here are some tips to insure that your G-Floor makes the best first impression: 

We could go on and on about this amazing substrate. We believe in G-Floor so much that we are redesigning Color Castle’s lobby floor to incorporate the material. When you’ve printed over 150,000 square feet of a particular material in a year, it’s impossible not to fall in love. 

Check out some of our other work. If you’d like to talk about graphic flooring, give me a shout. 

Jason Milbourne is the Vice President at Custom Color Corp. A designer, pre-press connoisseur, and Royals fanatic by day and a fantasy baseball pro and taco and craft beer arbitrator by night, Jason loves all things fun and crazy….just like his hair. Connect with him on LinkedIn, but don’t follow him on Instagram, because he won’t follow back.