Custom Color Contributions: Our 2016 Charity of Choice

We say it time and time again; our employees are seriously fantastic people. Each year they all go above and beyond to help members of our community live better lives – our Color Crew makes contributions.

For the past three years, we have identified a charity in our community as our Charity of Choice. This year, we chose the Rose Brooks Center, a nationally awarded Kansas City domestic violence center that provides shelter and support to individuals, families and pets who dream of a life safe from violence. Their mission is to break the cycle of domestic violence so that individuals and families can live free of abuse.

We began taking donations on October 3 – in less than three weeks, we had collected over 1,000 pounds of items to donate. Our friends at Church & Dwight donated a gaylord full of personal hygiene items. Our employees rose to the challenge and donated another gaylord full of in-kind needs requested by the center. Employees also raised $150 dollars, which is enough to provide one safe night for a woman or child escaping abuse and 8 hot, nutritious meals to a resident of the emergency shelter.

 “We’re a company of people helping people – not only in our everyday printing duties, but also in major charitable donations, like this.” Brett Saunders, Vice President of finance and development stated. “It’s amazing that everyone from partners like Church & Dwight to our printing pros can come together to support such a worthy and close-to-home cause.”

Danny Tetuan, assistant account manager and donator of diapers stated, “There are so many mothers out there, especially in these unfortunate circumstances, that can’t afford diapers.” The memories of his sister’s similar circumstances drove his donation choice.

We’re all so proud to be part of a company that cares. Jessie McWilliams, Human Resources Manager and Charity of Choice captain stated, “I love that I get to work for a company that allows and encourages us to give back to our community. It is inspiring that our employees are always more than willing to give back to those who may be dealing with less fortunate circumstances.”

Fantastic job, Color Crew. We appreciate everything that you do for us, and everything that you do for others.

The Traits that Make Us Tick: Part Two

We recently wrote part one of The Traits that Make Us Tick. In order to best describe our company’s culture, we thought we’d ask those that make it vibrantly wonderful to work at our Color Castle.

In our first blog featuring Custom Color culture, we talked with the crew that helps customers: business development, happiness heroes and the accounting gals. Three central themes surfaced throughout these culture conversations – flexibility, casual work environment and the people.

For part two, we talked to our production peeps – everyone from our production manager to print operators, finishing to cutting; we conversed with the people who produce the product.

While company cookouts and t-shirts were mentioned by almost everyone, we were still able to collect (mostly) serious responses. It wasn’t surprising that our production crew reiterated very similar replies to those that we heard just a few weeks back.


Jonathan, one of our fabric press operators, explained our production’s atmosphere best when he said, “We get stuff done, but we have fun doing it.” Others echoed Jonathan’s statements about the relaxed and not-overly-regimented work climate. Our production crew is always more than willing to participate in fun Snapchat stories and most everyone will pose (or even dance) on command. You’re correct if you bet that everyone has a nickname and people give high-fives. 


The determining factor of production’s fun atmosphere is the people found there.

The word “teamwork” is an important one in the Custom Color dictionary – so important that a photo of our production people is right next to it. Over the course of the years there have been many examples of teamwork. A recent example is the printing and kitting of a 5,000-piece order for one of our clients. Every person, regardless of department, raced against the clock and worked together to get the job out the door. 


We pride ourselves on print. We print the greatest visual marketing for the world’s best clients. Miguel explained the amazement he feels when working on projects, “it’s just the creativity of the things we print. Using innovation and being a part of the process is so exciting.”

When asked about production, Kirk exclaimed, “We print on nearly everything!” He’s completely correct; the technology that we have at Custom Color allows us to print on just about any substrate that you can think of. Our crew is working with the latest and greatest in the printing world – that’s not only important to the success of the final product, but also to the skillset of each press operator, cutter and finisher. 

Without missing a beat, production’s passionate head of print Rodney perfectly wrapped up our interviews with his crew. He said, “Everyday presents a new challenge.” He, and everyone else at Custom Color, recognizes that the challenges that develop are never too big. “The team rises to the occasion to get stuff done,” he stated.

Regardless of the job title or department, everyone at Custom Color appreciates and embodies what it means to be part of our Color Crew, and for that, we are thankful.

Do you value these things in a work environment, too? If so, you should apply to be a Color Crew member today.

The Traits that Make Us Tick: Part One

Every company has a certain culture that they pride themselves on. John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods explained workplace culture best when he said, “If you are lucky enough to be someone’s employer, then you have a moral obligation to make sure people do look forward to coming to work in the morning.” At Custom Color, we’re no different. We pride ourselves on a work-hard, play-hard mantra and we try our absolute hardest to make sure that our Color Crew looks forward to coming into work everyday.

We wanted to know our employee’s perception of our company culture, so we asked. Three main themes stood out in many of the conversations:


Forbes deemed flexibility in the workplace as a “smart talent search strategy.” While flexibility may do the trick for recruiting, we have recognized that our flexible environment encourages loyalty, quality of life, and productivity for our employees. At Custom Color, many of our employees enjoy the benefits of a flexible work environment. Appointments, meetings with teachers and sick kiddos happen, and our management team recognizes that.  

Megan, our Accounts Receivable Specialist, discusses her appreciation for flexibility by explaining her unique schedule. “Because I have an hour commute one-way, the company worked with me to accommodate a schedule of four ten-hour shifts rather than five eight-hour shifts. Not making the commute an extra day is really beneficial.”

Casual Work Environment

Some people enjoy going to work in pantsuits and ties; the Color Crew would prefer t-shirts and jeans. A few times a year we have shirts printed for company events, our employees don’t just get to wear these after work and on the weekends, they wear them to work, too! Dacia equates our dress code as time saved, “I love being able to dress casually. It really helps me get my toddler and I out the door on time.”

Other aspects of our company are casual as well. Jason thoroughly enjoys his Friday afternoon pale ale with Mark. You’ll find fabric prints of Sasquatch, Troll toys, and Boulevard's Tank 7 on the walls. We even have the coolest holiday celebrations - our Prepress peeps get incredibly festive by turning their workspace into a gingerbread house.

The People

You won’t find other coworkers like our Color Crew, and we know that. While it sounds so cliché, we are a team of many talents that come together to create impeccable final projects. Josh, our Purchasing Manager “appreciate(s) witnessing, and being a part of, the many different working parts that come together to make a final job that exceeds our client’s expectations.”

Anjura, Rick and Joe all answered in unison with some term describing the rapport that they have with their coworkers. Lisa, our newest Happiness Hero, said, “Just knowing that if I need to be gone for the day or if I have a question or a job that needs attention – I can always count on my teammates to help me out – is amazing!”

A big ode for this amazing culture goes to the three partners that make printing happen – Matt, Jason and Brett. Corrie, a Happiness Hero, explains, “Our owners recognize that each employee’s individual success equals a holistic company success. That camaraderie is reflected and celebrated in our company’s culture.”

We’re always looking for the best and brightest in printing. If you’d enjoy this company culture, you should apply for an open position!