Enhancing Hospitality, One Large Format Print at a Time

When consumers think about large format printing, ideas of malls, stores and billboards flood their thoughts – while many printers are centered around retail and sales, large format printing offers so much to other industries as well.  At Custom Color, we recognize this; thus, retail is only a third of our specialty. The largest industry in the world, the hospitality industry, gets lots of our love and attention too.

We get it – hospitality seems like a very specific industry compared to the ubiquitousness of retail. However, it’s not that specific. Hospitality encompasses various services besides the obvious hotels and restaurants to include pubs, bars and nightclubs, food service management, events, attractions, gaming, and tourist services. In 2015 alone, the travel and tourism industries contributed 7.17 trillion dollars to the global economy.  The biggest fast-food industry icon, McDonalds, has more than 36 thousand restaurants worldwide. The hospitality industry is growing each year and they need prints, too.

Businesses in the hospitality industry need large format printing in a both a traditional and a not-so-traditional sense. Recognizably, restaurants need menus and hotels need signage. What’s not so apparent is that wallpaper, wall murals, flooring, food truck wraps, decals, museum exhibits and much much more are all created with large format printers.

It works - we've witnessed it.

In August of 2014, AMC Theaters called on us at Custom Color to renovate their Town Center Plaza Marketplace. AMC wanted to introduce a brand new grab and go shopping experience to moviegoers. We printed large wall murals of the variety of concessions that the theater offered to patrons. The frozen treats section was particularly affected by the large format overhaul. Frozen yogurt, ice cream, shakes and smoothies had always been on the menu; however, they usually got the cold shoulder next to the candy and popcorn. After implementing the large format wall mural and featuring the items in a grand size, sales for frozen treats increased by 23 percent!

This same concept can be applied to hotels. Picture it now: you own or are in charge of renovating a hotel chain. These hotels offer a brand new spa that isn’t widely known, but boasts the greatest massage therapists the area. You want to draw guests into the tranquil space that you have worked so hard to design, but the spa is down the hall away from guest’s view – have no fear, it’s nothing that large format printing can’t fix. A wall mural of a massage would certainly alert guests of the availability of spa services. Large format signage in hotels and spas can also be used to inform clients of cancellation policies, availability, directions and other amenities or offerings.

Many people think that the purpose of large format printing is to sell stuff. While we will agree that it definitely helps do that, in the same breath we’ll argue that large format printing is an encouragement to consumers. Businesses and services in the hospitality industry can leverage large format printing to transform an environment into action. What was once thought of as just wallpaper, wall murals, flooring, food truck wraps, decals and museum exhibits is actually the key to your goals as a architect, designer, or owner of a hospitality venue.

Check out some of the work that we’ve done for our best friends in the hospitality industry. If you’d like to talk about how you can leverage large format printing for your hospitality business or service, contact us!

Brett Saunders is the Vice President of Finance and Development at Custom Color Corp. Brett spends part of his days wondering how to combine his loves of product research and development, Haribo gummy bears, large format printing and all things Disney. The rest of his time he oversees the company finances and productivity. Connect with him on LinkedIn.