Kitting & Distribution Delivers

We’re located in Lenexa, Kansas - a suburb of the BBQ and baseball capital, Kansas City. Believe me, we have heard every Dorothy and Toto joke in the book!  We love our Color Castle, and our location has so much to do with our company’s success. 

One of the million things that sets us apart from other printing companies across the country is our centralized location in the Midwest. Our location affords us the ability to deliver graphic kits to most of the country in three days or less through standard ground shipping.  Graphic kits are another defining aspect of our company that establishes us as a leader in the retail POP printing industry. 

Not all printing companies have kitting and distribution services – at one point we were also one of those companies. We identified a need for a kitting department when we noticed that our large retail customers were burdened by the massive task of receiving printed materials, unpacking the materials and putting together store-specific kits to ship to their many locations. 

Now we have a robust department of highly motivated individuals who make our kitting and distribution magic happen.  Our kitting professionals regularly put together store-specific packages that are unique to each individual location, yet contain like-printed items. We place an emphasis on our quality employees who take pride in their work to make sure our customer’s expectations are always exceeded. 

At Custom Color, our kitting department is every bit important as our printers. Having beautiful prints is only a portion of the equation – ensuring that our customer’s stores are receiving kits full of beautiful print it on time and accurately is really what matters.  

Here are some numbers to exemplify how much it means to us: in the last month alone, our kitting department has put together well-over 5,000 packages to ship across the country with over 99.95% accuracy. This great care, precision and attention to detail drives more print because we deliver (both literally and metaphorically) each and every time.

Our capacity to kit for 10 or 10,000 locations accurately and efficiently, our location in the middle of the nation, our detailed and analytical packaging pros and our over 40,000 square feet of warehouse space dedicated to kitting is a driving force of our company. 

Our customers appreciate accurate and quick ink in a blink, and we know you would too. If you want to talk about your next big printing and kitting project, contact us

Matt Keith is the CEO at Custom Color Corp, also known as the captain of the printing process from idea conception to kitting and shipping. He doesn't enjoy talking about himself in third person, but he is a big fan of Motocross Racing. Connect with him on LinkedIn.