The Traits that Make Us Tick: Part One

Every company has a certain culture that they pride themselves on. John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods explained workplace culture best when he said, “If you are lucky enough to be someone’s employer, then you have a moral obligation to make sure people do look forward to coming to work in the morning.” At Custom Color, we’re no different. We pride ourselves on a work-hard, play-hard mantra and we try our absolute hardest to make sure that our Color Crew looks forward to coming into work everyday.

We wanted to know our employee’s perception of our company culture, so we asked. Three main themes stood out in many of the conversations:


Forbes deemed flexibility in the workplace as a “smart talent search strategy.” While flexibility may do the trick for recruiting, we have recognized that our flexible environment encourages loyalty, quality of life, and productivity for our employees. At Custom Color, many of our employees enjoy the benefits of a flexible work environment. Appointments, meetings with teachers and sick kiddos happen, and our management team recognizes that.  

Megan, our Accounts Receivable Specialist, discusses her appreciation for flexibility by explaining her unique schedule. “Because I have an hour commute one-way, the company worked with me to accommodate a schedule of four ten-hour shifts rather than five eight-hour shifts. Not making the commute an extra day is really beneficial.”

Casual Work Environment

Some people enjoy going to work in pantsuits and ties; the Color Crew would prefer t-shirts and jeans. A few times a year we have shirts printed for company events, our employees don’t just get to wear these after work and on the weekends, they wear them to work, too! Dacia equates our dress code as time saved, “I love being able to dress casually. It really helps me get my toddler and I out the door on time.”

Other aspects of our company are casual as well. Jason thoroughly enjoys his Friday afternoon pale ale with Mark. You’ll find fabric prints of Sasquatch, Troll toys, and Boulevard's Tank 7 on the walls. We even have the coolest holiday celebrations - our Prepress peeps get incredibly festive by turning their workspace into a gingerbread house.

The People

You won’t find other coworkers like our Color Crew, and we know that. While it sounds so cliché, we are a team of many talents that come together to create impeccable final projects. Josh, our Purchasing Manager “appreciate(s) witnessing, and being a part of, the many different working parts that come together to make a final job that exceeds our client’s expectations.”

Anjura, Rick and Joe all answered in unison with some term describing the rapport that they have with their coworkers. Lisa, our newest Happiness Hero, said, “Just knowing that if I need to be gone for the day or if I have a question or a job that needs attention – I can always count on my teammates to help me out – is amazing!”

A big ode for this amazing culture goes to the three partners that make printing happen – Matt, Jason and Brett. Corrie, a Happiness Hero, explains, “Our owners recognize that each employee’s individual success equals a holistic company success. That camaraderie is reflected and celebrated in our company’s culture.”

We’re always looking for the best and brightest in printing. If you’d enjoy this company culture, you should apply for an open position!