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Questions Answered: Why YOU Need Large Format Printing

LeSportsac's party is one that we'd want to attend.

One of the questions that often come up in conversation is, “Why, in a digital age, does *insert organization name here* need large format printing?” Because we’re in the business, we can think of (literally) a million reasons why large format printing is more relevant now than ever – because the inquirers aren’t in the business, we keep the answer short and sweet.

Here is the best reason why you must incorporate large format printing into your campaigns:

It’s, hands-down, the easieset way to attract customers, increase brand awareness and boost sales.

We live in a world where customers attention spans are shorter than a goldfish. Seriously. A study conducted by Microsoft found that people can boast only 12 seconds of coherent thought. In a mall, or similar establishment, the different sights, smells and sounds test customer’s attention spans. We’re here to say the best way to attract customers is through large format printing. 

We tell our customers that window displays, product signage, and other visual marketing should be considered an invitation to your party. Not only are you attracting the passersby aesthetically, you’re tapping into customer’s emotions and setting the foundation for a profitable connection in the future.  

Think about your own shopping habits: when you’re taking a stroll through the mall, what entices you to walk into a store? While it may be the color of the walls or the spacious dressing rooms, customers are more likely lured into your store by the aesthetics of your signage in the windows, displays on the tables and racks and even branding on the floors. If your large format marketing is superior to other businesses, you will win the attention of shoppers.

LeSportsac transforms a simple metal table into a POP that would make anyone take a second look. 

LeSportsac transforms a simple metal table into a POP that would make anyone take a second look. 

Great Job! Your customer accepts the invitation to your party and enters your store – now what’s the point of large format printing? Imagine if you will, magazines at the grocery store check out line, bins of toys or other knick-knacks, isle cap displays, and even food sample stations – these are point of purchase (POP) displays, and they work. Impulse purchasing is something that you may scoff at as a consumer – however; as a business owner, POP promotions are one of the greatest sales tools.

According to research, almost 66% of all buying decisions are made while people are in the store shopping. Even better, 53% of these decisions are classified as impulse buying.  (When have you ever gone into the grocery store and successfully left with only the items on your list? That’s what we thought.)

We construct countless Point-of-Purchase and Point-of-Sale (POS) displays. Disposable displays are most often made from cardboard, coroplast, Gatorboard or other strong and rigid material. Non-disposable displays, like backlit fabric frames and non-lit standees, are becoming a favorite of our customers as well. POP and POS promotions present effective persuasive messaging, create a high-perceived value for your products and ultimately increase your retail sales.

It’s obvious why you need large format printing – you don’t want to be passed up solely because of your inability to catch your potential customer’s attention. Surely you don’t want to miss an impulse sale just because you aren’t employing POP or POS displays.  

Maybe you know exactly what you’re looking for when it comes to large format printing, or perhaps you don’t have a clue – either way, the print ninjas at Custom Color are here to collaborate with you to get your large format printing campaigns rolling off the press and into your stores. We don’t want any more customers to miss your party, so let us help you make the greatest invitation of all time.

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