We're pioneers of print.

Founded in 1969 as a photography processing studio, Custom
Color possesses 50 years in the graphics business.


We operate as a comprehensive, full-service, digital printing company. Our Kansas City based operation is well-known for being enthusiastic print natives who are always innovating the printing landscape to produce the greatest possible product for our clients. For us, it isn't just printing, it's our passion. 

We've got cutting edge, front of the pack, best-of-the-best technology. You're probably thinking, "Are three adjectives necessary to describe printers?" Yes - that's how awesome it is. We've invested about $8 million in equipment, infrastructure, technology and software since 2010 - all to make your prints look brighter, sharper and better. 




Matt Keith
CEO & President

Brett Saunders
Vice President of Finances & Development

Jason Milbourne
Vice President


Our Team